Nirvanix CloudNAS Provides Storage Delivery Network

Nirvanix says its Storage Delivery Network (SDN) is a cloud storage service based on five nodes in Los Angeles; Houston; New Jersey; Frankfurt, Germany; and Tokyo, allowing customers get access via API to the network. This report
details the services offered by Nirvanix and discusses how the company’s CloudNAS software helps
organizations manage their cloud-based storage network.

“Some of Nirvanix’s customers use this node as a replacement for FTP sites or other databases that aren’t sufficient for the volume of content that needs to move on them. Interactive ad agencies that need to transfer large files to partners might use the storage node for that purpose, simply granting access to those partners. One customer, a networking company, uses it to store log files for customer support issues so that if one contact center has to pass an issue on to another center, the second center can access the log files on the storage site instead of using an FTP site.”

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