No IPv6, No File Sharing

Experts predict the Asia Pacific region will be the first to run out of Internet protocol version 4 (IPv4) addresses, but worldwide they warn of the danger to businesses of staying with IPv4-only addresses. In essence they are invisible to IPv6 users. Although IPv4 addresses can be
tunneled through IPv6 and vice versa to some extent, file sharing and other data transfer activities could come to an end if the world does not move to IPv6.

“IAB chair Olaf Kolkman set out a worst case scenario for general users. He said, ‘The Internet is not in danger it will work tomorrow. The danger is the loss of opportunity if we move away from an end to end model. Reaching people end to end could become very difficult. It could be very hard to make your Skype phone calls, to do your file sharing. All those things remain possible.'”

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