Norman Network Appliance Defends Against Stuxnet Variants

In a press release on the company’s website, Norman announced its antimalware network appliance, Norman Network Protection (NNP), is a safe
defense against the spreading of Stuxnet worm variants of malicious software. In an independent lab research, the NNP has been verified to improve network security when used with a range of endpoint protection products, by over thirty five percent. Stuxnet spreads through computers by USB memory sticks and in the wrong hands it could be used to interrupt industry operations in power plants, chemical manufacturers and other critical systems.

“‘Malware appliances typically focus on the gateway, but increasingly threats are introduced by internal mobile devices, such as USB devices and laptop PCs,’ said Arvid Gomez, vice president, OEM and Technology. ‘The ultrafast Norman NNP appliance uses sophisticated malware detection and analysis technology to provide a real-time protection wherever the threat surfaces. And NNP delivers significant risk reduction at fraction of the cost of comparable appliances.’”

Read the Full Release on the company’s website at

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