Open-Source Firewall IPFire Updated

IPFire Project Leader, Michael Tremer, has announced the latest version of the open-source firewall. As reported on The H Open, the latest release of the Linux-based firewall is based on version 2.6.32 of the Linux kernel and features approximately 400 changes, including a number of updates to the included packages, such as version 0.9.8o of OpenSSL, Memtest 4.10 and the current stable version of the Squid proxy server and web cache daemon.

“Other changes include several VPN updates, added hardware support and various web interface improvements and fixes. The developers note that the update is not yet available via the built-in custom packet manager, called Pakfire, and only ISO files are currently being released. The update will be available on Pakfire on July 9th.”

Read the Full Story at The H Open

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