Oracle and FCOE for Data Center Connectivity

As reported in this eWeek story, six months after closing the $7.4 billion acquisition of Sun, Oracle now is apparently close to launching this new
FCOE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet) connectivity option, provided by network adapter and storage controller maker QLogic.

“Word about this leaked out during QLogic’s earnings call July 22 and was first blogged about by Wikibon analyst Stuart Miniman and Silicon Angle’s John Furrier. But neither obtained comment or perspective from QLogic, the supplier of Oracle’s—as well as other systems makers’—server and storage adapters that enable FCOE.

“Oracle, like several other systems providers, brands its stack as its own and doesn’t broadcast what components it licenses to put inside its boxes. But since the QLogic connection became public at the earnings call, the topic is now fair game.”

Read the Full Story at eWeek

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