Oracle Merges Network Monitoring and Management

Monolith Software helps organizations rein in their network monitoring tools with a modular, Web-based solution set. According to this Network Computing article, Oracle wanted to be able to turn the network monitoring and management data such a system collects and present it to the Oracle end users as useful information about the network’s performance.

“Oracle began implementing Monolith Software’s solution a year ago for fault, availability and performance monitoring. The solution polls all the network devices and services in a hierarchical, leveled fashion. Some devices are only pinged for faults using syslog and SNMP traps. Other, more critical devices are monitored more thoroughly using deep SNMP polling mechanisms for performance, traffic usage and CPU memory analysis. All the data culled from the devices is sent to a central repository where a rules engine analyzes the data and generates, if necessary, work tickets to Oracle’s network support team. On average, about 4,000 tickets are generated each month.”

Read the Full Story at Network Computing

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