Packet Flow Switch Offers Network Monitoring

Simena’s Packet Flow Switch PFS1524 provides companies with a robust monitoring solution with the ability to aggregate, duplicate, distribute, and filter packets (Layers 1-4) at 10GbE speed with the industry’s lowest fixed latency, which measures just fractions of a microsecond.

As reported on Processor,
networks must operate in real time and having the ability to monitor every packet that flows through the company’s network is a must. The PFS1524 can balance a heavy network traffic load flowing to multiple monitoring tools, share network tools among SPAN ports and taps, connect network traffic between 10GbE and multiple 1GbE ports, and use packet filtering and packet slicing to cut down on SPAN/TAP traffic.

“Another staple of Simena’s network-monitoring arsenal is its passive, transparent, rack-mountable fiber and copper network taps, which include the F16 fiber and C18 copper network units supporting 40GbE/ 10GbE/1GbE/100M and 1GbE/100M Ethernet connections, respectively. The high port density network taps let users connect and disconnect monitoring systems without hindering traffic flow across the network.
In addition to not requiring power and offering non-intrusive security, the compact F16 supports up to 16 taps in 1U with 5ns latency and allows for monitoring half/full-duplex fiber networks at all seven protocol layers and repositioning test equipment without interrupting the circuit. The C18 copper tap supports up to eight copper taps in 1U, includes a redundant power supply with bypass abilities, and can operate as a permanent network link without packet loss.”

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