Password Protected Networks a Draw for Customers

Author Glenn Fleishman offers some valuable advice to business owners on keeping customers safe while using a business hotspot, in this article presented on Ars Technica. Although In most developed nations a hotspot venue won’t be held liable for hacking that takes place within its confines, Fleishman suggests that owners of venues, like a coffeeshop or restaurant, who provide free and open WiFi, should close their network. By password protecting the network, owners can still provide nearly all the benefits of encryption to customers and simply distribute the password freely. This simple step of setting the network instead to WPA Personal, will provide a more secure spot for customers to enjoy WiFi.

“For someone to sniff traffic on a WPA Personal protected network, that individual would have to fire up similarly free, but more complicated software, called Aircrack-ng. This hacking package, which can be used for both research and malicious purposes, can grab the unique wireless key that’s created when a user joins the network.”

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