Peplink Announces New Multi-WAN Router and Firmware

At CeBIT 2010, Peplink unveiled the new Balance 1350 high-end multi-WAN router for the enterprise, along with the new Peplink Balance Firmware 5.0 featuring new VPN Bonding. As noted in the company’s news release on BusinessWire, Peplink Balance 1350 supporting up to 1.5Gbps and 13 WAN links and this new enterprise model caters to customers with extreme Internet requirements.

“Using innovative patent pending technology, the new Peplink VPN bonding feature can aggregate multiple Internet links into one big pipe. This further increases bandwidth and greatly enhances speed, especially upload speed, across office sites. Protected with 256-bit AES encryption, the bonded VPN network provides enterprises a faster, more dependable, and affordable alternative to current MPLS or leased line solutions. ‘We’re extremely excited about the new VPN Bonding capability. It provides a better, more simple, and affordable corporate network for all kinds of customers,’ says Keith Chau, General Manager at Peplink. ‘Greater upload speed also means faster file transfer, shorter backup time, higher quality video streaming, remote live broadcasting and many other new possibilities.'”

“Peplink also announced their new flagship Peplink Balance 1350, designed to meet the growing demand of bandwidth. Supporting up to 1.5Gbps and 13 WAN links, the new enterprise model caters to customers with extreme Internet requirements. It is perfectly deployed in a corporate headquarters or datacenter environment, and connects to other Peplink Balance routers in branch locations to form a fast and reliable VPN Bonding network.”

Read the Full News Release at BusinessWire

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