Perle Enhances Firmware

As reported on News Wire Today, Perle Systems announced enhanced
firmware for all IOLAN Terminal Server, Console Servers and Device Servers. This upgrade allows users to use the SFTP client on the IOLAN to upload and download files to a central SFTP server. The Command Line Interface (CLI) or web manager can be used to initiate a file exchange with an SFTP file server.

“‘In the current regulatory and compliance driven environment associated with many companies today, the inherent lack of security for FTP has become unacceptable’, says John Feeney, Chief Operating Office at Perle Systems. ‘Using packet sniffing technology, a malicious intruder can capture sensitive data and compromise network security. Perle is committed to continually enhancing our product lines to provide our customer base with products that meet the highest levels of network security protocols.'”

Read the Full Story at News Wire Today

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