PowerTech Releases New Version of NAC Software for Power Systems

PowerTech has announced new network access control software for Power Systems servers running IBM i. According to this report on System i Network, Network Security 6.0 brings a number of improvements that make it easier for users to secure their systems.

“Users can define rules based on the user profile or IP address that initiates the access attempt. Network Security 6.0 adds another level of security by allowing users to define rules at the object level to control access to library objects and IFS files and directories. When a user attempts to access the system through a controlled exit point, Network Security checks its rules to determine whether the user is authorized and allows or rejects the access attempt. Network Security monitors and controls access to over 30 system exit points, records access attempts in a secure audit journal, and sends realtime notifications of security events.”

Read the Full Story at System i Network

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