Private WiFi Secures HotSpots

In response to an increasing online security risk to millions of consumers using more than 400,000 known unencrypted WiFi networks or “hotspots” worldwide,
software entrepreneur Kent Lawson has launched a new security technology company named Private Communications Corporation (PCC).
This news statement on PR USA reports that this new company offers Private WiFi, a software product that encrypts all the data going into and out of a person’s computer to support online privacy and help protect communications over public hotspots.

“‘Online identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the nation, and corporate security breaches are rampant and mostly unpublicized,’ Lawson said. ‘The increasing popularity of public WiFi hotspots has exacerbated these crimes. Yet, existing security programs, like firewalls, may protect consumers from Internet viruses, but they do nothing to protect communications that travel over public hotspots.'”

Read the Full Story at PR USA

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