Protecting Networks From IPv6 Cyber Threats

With the Obama Administration’s mandate of IPv6 transition to be complete by 2012, agencies are struggling with how to protect networks and information from existing and future IPv6 cyber threats. PR Newswire reports that all public facing servers and services must use native IPv6 and by 2014 all internal applications that communicate with public Internet servers must also transition, to be compliant with the mandate. In addition, each agency is required to designate an IPv6 Transition Manager to ensure agency procurements of networked IT comply with FAR requirements.

“‘There is a new sense of urgency by our clients as we help agencies accelerate their IPv6 planning, design, and implementation,’ said Command Information EVP for Cyber Security Lisa Donnan. ‘But moving to IPv6 isn’t enough. Networks must add layers of defense to their security infrastructure to address specific IPv6 threats.'”

Read the Full Story at PR NewsWire

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