Protocols Make Network Routing More Secure

In this interview with Manav Bhatia, who worked closely with the Internet Engineering Task Force, DNA India discusses the complex task of managing the internet. After realizing current protocols were not as secure as they were believed to be, Bhatia began working with the global community of network designers, operators, and researchers responsible for producing technical specifications for the evolution of the internet architecture and smooth operation, the IETF, in quest to make protocols more effective.

“My biggest mistake was to assume that all these people who have contributed towards internet’s evolution were cerebrally more gifted than us and that it would take me a lot of time before I could make any significant contribution in this field. However, after having published several IETF standards, I can say with confidence that most of these people are no different from us and it just needs a lot of patience, perseverance and good understanding of the technology and customers requirements to contribute to the evolution of the internet architecture.”

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