Public Wants Government To Leave Internet Alone

Forbes’ author Merrill Matthews discusses what he calls Obama’s new ‘unreasonable’ standard in this article. Matthews covers everything from net neutrality to abandoning the rule of law for the rule by bureaucrats, but of special interest is his views on the regulating of the internet by the Obama administration. A new Rasmussen poll shows only 21 percent of the public wants government to regulate the Internet, yet FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has rammed through “net neutrality” regulations to give the government more control.

“At the Dec. 21 FCC meeting, the chairman said: ‘As we stand here now, the freedom and openness of the Internet are unprotected. No rules on the books to protect basic Internet values. No process for monitoring Internet openness as technology and business models evolve. No recourse for innovators, consumers, or speakers harmed by improper practices. And no predictability for Internet service providers, so that they can effectively manage and invest in broadband networks. That will change once we vote to approve this strong and balanced order.’”

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