Qwest Offers IPv6 Addressing Protocols

As part of its iQ Networking service package, Qwest says it is offering business and government customers both public and private
IPv6 addresses. As reported on Network World, Qwest customers can get either a native IPv6 approach that will build IPv6 capabilities into new sites and devices that the company incorporates or a dual-stack approach that will support both IPv4 and IPv6.

“With any business, you have to think about the transition to IPv6 in two main areas: with your online public and with your internal operations. In terms of your online public content, the issue you’re going to run into is that there will be folks fairly soon who can’t access online content such as your Web site if you don’t make IPv6 available to them. This will happen first in international environments. If you are a U.S.-based business and it’s important that people in other countries can access you, then you really have to think about investing in IPv6 capabilities.

“On the other side, you have to look at your routers, your security arrangements, your firewalls, and your back office systems to make sure that they all work in IPv6 environments. We’re finding that folks in particular are having trouble with their back office systems because they’ve really embedded IPv4 deep into those systems. To get all this done, you’re going to have to invest in infrastructure that’s either dedicated or dual stack, you will have to establish a relationship with a carrier that can get IPv6 to you and you’ll have to be able to peer with other networks in IPv6 mode as well.”

Read the Full “Qwest’s approach to IPv6 migration” Story at Network World

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