Radware Cautions Against Potential Network Attacks

Integrated application delivery and network security solutions provider Radware, cautions that core government operations and the public safety sector have become prime targets for cyber criminals. PR Newswire states that a main area for organizations to stay vigilant in protecting is public services according to reports from Radware’s Security Emergency Response Team.

“’Hacktivists continue to identify vulnerable systems to attack and right now there seems to be a focus on government and public sector facilities,’ said Avi Chesla, Vice President Security at Radware. ‘In order to protect against these potential attacks, organizations need to make the necessary investments, ensure their security products are up-to-date, that their security staff is well educated and trained to response effectively and that they are as vigilant as possible in protecting their networks at all layers to avoid the destructive nature and potentially catastrophic outcome of future cyber attacks.’”

Read the Full Story at PR Newswire

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