Radware OnDemand Switch Offers Fast Delivery for Smaller Data Centers

Big enterprises can easily spend six figures on WAN optimization and multi-LAN switches, but that isn’t usually an option for a smaller data center. According to this report on Processor.com, Radware’s LinkProof OnDemand Switch can help deliver breakneck speeds for applications and network throughput on a pay-as-you-go model.

“Radware's LinkProof OnDemand Switch has a licensing arrangement that is appealing to an SME because it lets you use a product technically suited for enterprise-class performance but at a capacity and price more in tune with an SME.

“‘With this on-demand switch platform, you can start from any throughput level required today… and scale on-demand up to 4Gb,’ says Nir Ilani, Radwares director of product marketing for application delivery. ‘What this means for the customer is not over-spending on their application delivery solution. If you are running an SME and you have a specific throughput capacity requirement, and you project next year or the year after you will need twice the capacity, then you [normally] have to buy up to a higher-end device to address the higher capacity. What we are offering is to pay for the capacity you normally need. You do not need to replace the device, you do not even need to restart or reboot the device—you add exactly what you need.'”

Read the Full Story at Processor.com

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