Relieve Mobile Congestion with Network Edge Intelligence

The recently announced FCC $15.5 billion broadband deployment plan is expected to spur even more rampant growth in access to the Web via mobile devices. According to this Blackberry Sys report, growth in data flow is causing significant congestion, however the deployment of network-edge intelligence is a viable option for managing network resources.

“Potential growth aside, two factors have significantly contributed to the increase of mobile data. First, mobile broadband usage is replacing or complementing landline connections, which are often more expensive or less accessible than DSL or cable connections in places such as Western Europe and Asia. Second is the availability of more sophisticated, affordable, wildly compelling and data-hungry smartphones. In a recent Business Week article David Sutphen, co-chairman of the Internet Innovation Alliance said, ‘In a year and a half from now when networks switch over to 4G, you could do almost anything you want whether it’s ordering groceries, paying parking tickets or applying for jobs online.’ But these services come with a price and will exhaust even more network resources. Network operators thus find themselves in desperate need of viable solutions to help manage the mobile data flow that threatens to choke their networks.”

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