Remote Network Management Enhanced for Mobile Surveillance

News Wire Today reports that Korenix extended its series of Embedded Vehicle PoE Router computers by releasing the new JetBox 9562 series Linux-based layer3 VPN platforms. Designed with serial ports for providing flexible remote management of serial devices via Ethernet in mobile applications, the computers are designed with 4 additional RS 232/422/485 ports, for providing connectivity to access and security control devices, such as card readers, cameras, speakers and other devices commonly used in enhanced vehicle surveillance networks.

“The new platforms are performance optimized embedded Linux computers designed for front-end industrial control applications. They are also capable of executing customized Linux programs. Linux beginners can benefit from the user-friendly web UI—Webmin for easily manipulating the network or device related settings. Additionally, with the Korenix Auto-Run customization setting on the SD card, users can develop their own customized industrial control applications simplifying industrial network management easier and more flexible.
Combining all the advanced functionalities and the rich interface into the compact, rugged box with IP31 grade protection, -25~70oC wide temperature range and vibration / shock resistance, the RISC-based computers benefit users for building reliable and high performance large network infrastructures under toughest environmental conditions.”

Read the Full Story at News Wire Today

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