Report Warns Equipment Vendors: Tighten Up

As reported on Bradenton, a major new report from Heavy Reading , the research division of Light Reading, warns equipment vendors to adopt more secure development and design practices to correct the security vulnerabilities in their network infrastructure equipment as mobile operators transition to advanced broadband services. The report, Next-Gen Security Strategies for Mobile Network Infrastructure, explores security-first product design features relating to the specific requirements of the mobile network and is focused on what can be done to better secure mobile network infrastructure.

“Awareness of the importance of network security is growing. The recent, high-profile cyber-attacks on Google, the US military, the governments of Georgia and Estonia, and power plants in Iran have raised awareness of network security to a new level. With the increasing pervasiveness of computing and Internet connectivity, the scale of what an attack can achieve is staggering. This is leading organizations of all types (including organized crime, terrorist groups, and some nation-states) to invest enormous time and resources into designing cyber-attacks.

Read the Full Story at Bradenton

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