Research Suggests Ample IP Address Space Remains

The recently released Zscaler State of the Web research report for Q1 2010 suggests much of the Internet remains untouched. In this Tech News World report, Michael Sutton, vice president for security research at Zscaler said that he did not dispute that IP address space is filling up, but he sees a shortage later rather than sooner.

“Ultimately, everyone will have to make the move. Some segments are waiting before they have to spend the money to make the upgrade, Sutton said. To the lay person, it will be mostly transparent.

“But from the end users’ perspective, there is really nothing for them to do. Corporations have to handle their own networks. ISPs and others have to manage the change.

“‘Still, the change to IPv6 will be gradual. It will happen over time. We haven’t reached that point yet that will force compliance. Eventually, the agencies handling IP addresses will have to say no to new requests because there won’t be any left,’ said Sutton.”

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"The Rocky Road to IPv6" Story at Tech News World

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