Riverbed Steelhead Optimized For WAN

On the company’s own website, Riverbed Technology (NASDAQ: RVBD) announced that Riverbed Steelhead appliances have been optimized for Microsoft RemoteFX. This is a new set of graphic capabilities delivered in Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. Riverbed also offers a solution for VDI environments enabling organizations to overcome WAN performance issues resulting in improved employee productivity.

“'As today’s enterprises demand a seamless, full-fidelity virtual desktop environment, Microsoft customers can use RemoteFX to deliver rich graphical experiences that match the experience on a local desktop,' said Manlio Vecchiet, Director of Product Management for Windows Server, Microsoft.
'Riverbed optimizes network traffic over a WAN so that Microsoft customers can extend the benefits of a virtual desktop infrastructure enhanced by RemoteFX to use cases beyond the traditional LAN environment.'"

Read the Full Story at Riverbed

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