Riverbed Technology Offers Enhanced Cascade Solution

Riverbed Technology has announced enhancements to its Cascade product, offering advanced network and application performance analysis and visibility solution. According to this CNN Money report, Cascade 8.4 provides enhanced reporting and integration with Riverbed WAN optimization that enable organizations to better assess, adapt and accelerate network performance.

“As organizations delve into new IT initiatives such as virtualization, private cloud consolidation and cloud computing, they are increasingly realizing the need for more intelligent, business-level visibility solutions that enable them to proactively manage network and application performance. Cascade provides enterprise-wide application performance analysis, data on server and application dependencies, and the tools for IT managers to immediately determine bottlenecks for the delivery of applications across their infrastructure. The new features in Cascade 8.4 allow organizations to measure beyond network performance and availability, and determine the business impact any drops in performance have on end-users. In addition, this release introduces Cascade Sensor-VE for the virtualized Riverbed Services Platform (RSP), enabling seamless performance measurement in both optimized and non-optimized environments — without requiring expensive physical probes in every branch office.”

Read the Full Story at CNN Money

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