Ruckus Offers Low-cost Enterprise Access Points

A new line of enterprise-class access point products from Ruckus Wireless is designed to compete on price against products from rivals Cisco Systems and Aruba Networks. In the company’s press release on IT World, Ruckus claims its ZoneFlex 7343 is the first enterprise-class access point meeting the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)’s 802.11n standard priced under $500.

“Price is one thing that keeps some enterprises from investing in 802.11n, Shalinsky said. This seems to be particularly true in the hospitality industry, he added. Hotels and restaurants are a key market for Ruckus, a relatively small company that has been going up against bigger names for years with technology designed to allow for multimedia streaming.

“The ZoneFlex 7300 series access points have a theoretical maximum speed of 300 Megabits per second (Mbps) for the single-band 7343 model and 600 Mbps for the dual-band 7363. Both use Ruckus’ BeamFlex dynamic beam-forming technology, which can change the path that data travels over the air on a packet-by-packet basis, according to Ruckus.”

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