SaaS-Based Enterprise Apps and Cloud-Based IT Services

Network World reviews the history of cloud based IT services from the first wave of public cloud computing offered by, to now, in this article. IT organizations are increasingly using a SaaS provider to gain access to a growing set of enterprise applications targeted not at a company’s business managers, but directly at the IT organizations. The individual options that comprise the new set of applications are discussed as well as factors that drive companies to use SaaS-based enterprise applications.

“The factors that drive companies to use SaaS-based enterprise applications were documented in a report entitled Cloud Computing: A Reality Check & Guide to Risk Mitigation. The primary factors, in descending order of importance, are that SaaS-based solutions lower cost, reduce the amount of time that it takes to deploy new functionality, enable organizations to obtain functionality that the organization is not able to provide itself and frees up resources.”

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