Scaling Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)

An IPS makes a number of access control decisions based on the content of the application, rather than taking a traditional firewall approach of monitoring. As mentioned in this Info Tech report, distinctive features of IPS and how the performance of these systems can be increased to keep up with the relentless development on the bandwidth front.

“The problem facing IT professionals is that, with the Internet growing at between 40 and 60 per cent a year (source: Atlas Internet Observatory) – and against the backdrop of a mobile data explosion – it’s important that IPS technology can keep up with this data bandwidth growth and not become the bottleneck in the network.

“It’s also becoming clear that, on a typical network of today, users are placing a very load on each port of a multi-10G port system and, whilst there are IPS products available that are capable of supporting a multiple 10 Gbps port topology, providing continuous 10 Gbps throughput on these ports is a something of a challenge.

“The most worrying part of this development is how IPS platforms can be scaled to meet the needs of 40G and 100G IPS technologies, which are set be introduced to the IT/networking mix in the next few years.”

Read the Full Story at Info Tech

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