Service-Layer Virtualization to Increase

Since the early days of network-address translation and load-balancing as a means to achieve scalability, service-layer virtualization has existed. Organizations that already have public IPv4 addresses, will increase the use of virtualization now that IPv4 has been depleted. Using network-hosted technology such as load-balancers and application-delivery controllers to steer the traffic to the appropriate service host, organizations are enabling multiple virtual-service hosts on the same IP address and port combination, reports ZD Net, until full deployment of IPv6 occurs.

“We rarely discuss IP addresses as shared resources but apart from specific offerings, that is exactly what happens in the cloud. IP addresses are shared unless you specifically request otherwise. As it becomes more expensive and difficult to obtain a block of IPv4 addresses from local providers, organisations needing additional or new blocks may be forced into the cloud, whether they wanted to be there or not.”

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