Silver Peak Announces New WAN Optimization Appliances

Silver Peak Systems has recently announced the availability of new hardware variants of the NX-8000 and NX-9000 appliances that the company claims will maximize WAN optimization performance while minimizing the environmental costs associated with data center deployment.

“With the latest variants of Silver Peak’s award winning NX appliances, the company has created a new standard for data center class WAN optimization, which is a key enabler for disaster recovery, data center consolidation, data migration, server centralization, virtual desktops, and other key IT initiatives.

“NX appliances are standalone WAN optimization devices that lead the industry in scalability and performance, from small remote offices (served by the NX-1000) to the most demanding data centers (served by the largest WAN optimization appliances on the market, the NX-8000 and NX-9000). The NX-8000 and NX-9000 were the first OC-12 and Gbps WAN optimization appliances on the market respectively, and continue to lead the industry in LAN capacity, WAN capacity, and simultaneous user sessions (up to 256,000 per device).”

Read the Full News Release at Market Wire

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