SIP Trunking Failure, and Recovery Options

What happens when SIP trunks fail? Well, perhaps nothing if you haven’t a good disaster recovery plan in place to gain alternative and diverse routing during failure. This Search VoIP article offers advice on hammering out simple designs for SIP trunk failover.

“The many solutions and network designs range from simple to complex. Ultimately, even with complex mesh networks, hammering out simple designs for SIP trunk failover will require effort, resources and a lot of testing and re-testing to ensure that all the details are exposed to best plan for expedient disaster recovery of SIP trunk failures. In part 1, When SIP trunks fail: ITSP disaster recovery plans, I outlined the key criteria for selecting an Internet telephony service provider (ITSP) for SIP trunking services and what you need to know about an ITSP’s disaster recovery plan for SIP trunk failures.

“Since networks are configured differently, part 2 of this series will cover the generic concerns and considerations for crafting a solid disaster recovery plan for SIP trunking in hopes of encouraging thoughtful consideration of your individual situation.”

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