Small Business Network Security Services Get Tiered

Secure Designs (SDI) finds selling small business security a challenging field so this month the company introduced a new concept that it hopes will take the pain out of small business IT by helping SMBs meet their data security needs. As reported on Small Business Computing, SDI is now offering a tiered security solution called the Red, White and Blue suite. This tiered set of managed services allows companies to buy exactly the data security they need, opening up the field for SMBs. The Red Solution consists of 24×7 perimeter defense for small business networks, the White Solution incorporates Red and adds email encryption, and the final tier, the Blue Solution, incorporates both Red and White and adds data encryption and backup services.

“‘The biggest challenges for SMBs are twofold,’ said Ron Culler, chief technology officer at SDI. ‘First, there’s a lack of understanding and perception of what their security needs are. And second, once they understand what their needs are, there’s a very strong price sensitivity because of the economic environment. Our major innovation in the SMB segment is to, firstly, provide a really robust and easily understood set of security services; and secondly, deliver them at extremely aggressive price points.'”

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