Small Business Network Setup Guide

This guide offers advice for setting up a 50-user or similar-sized network. From deciding on the different equipment required for a small LANs, storage considerations and backup strategies, this guide offers tips for setting up a small-business network.

“Small-office networks often do not even need their own server rooms. Cheap access to high-speed bandwidth makes it more feasible for small networks to rely on an offsite data center for more heavy-lifting data management needs, whether the data center is at a co-location facility or at the main enterprise’s headquarters.

“Storage servers, for example, can often be located offsite, Simpson says. ‘People spend a lot of time and effort to update an infrastructure that really doesn’t make sense in a modern environment. Instead, you can just have the Exchange server in a proper data center offsite where it is backed up and managed properly,’ Simpson says. ‘A lot of the time when you put equipment like that in small offices, it only gets managed when it goes wrong, and then it is often too late, such as when you find out that backups are not even being done.'”

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