Small Service Providers Challenged By IPv6

One area of discussion that has been largely overlooked is the effect
IPv6 will have on smaller service providers. Connected Planet Online posed the question of what will happen to these providers to an IP/Ethernet network solutions provider. In short, the smaller providers will need education and assistance to transition to IPv6 and keep customers happy.

“‘Smaller players don’t really know what to do yet, and they are more concerned about this because of their limited knowledge base and resources. Unlike a Tier1 that can choose once and deploy nationally, smaller companies have to be careful about how they approach the transition to Ipv6,’ said Mike Savory, senior technical marketing engineer at Allied Telesis, which provides fiber-to-the-home network solutions to telcos serving up triple play in rural areas of North America, Europe and Asia. ‘We’ve got equipment that is IPv6- ready in our core network, but we haven’t deployed much in the way of IPv6 in North America. Rather, we see the most action in Japan, China and India, and parts of Europe.'”

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