SMB Office Network Solution Launched

Two services routers that address all the essential office network services of small and medium businesses (SMBs) were introduced today by D-Link Middle East & Africa. PR News Wire reports that the Unified Service Routers, D-Link DSR-500N and DSR-1000N, are full-featured solutions that offer comprehensive traffic management, superior wireless performance, robust security, and flexible deployment capabilities for the network. This is ideal for SMBs that require a cost-effective solution for office networking.

“‘Efficiency and reliability top the list of needs for every network today with the ever growing requirements of businesses,’ said Harrison Albert, Regional Director at D-Link Middle East & Africa. ‘As office networks continue to accumulate more devices to fulfill different needs, many business networks are quickly becoming more sophisticated and difficult to manage. The D-Link DSR series combines the essential services and functions usually found in multiple devices, and puts them into one device to eliminate unnecessary complexity to your network,’ Harrison continued.”

Read the Full Story at PR News Wire

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