Software-As-A-Service Security Platform Partnership

As reported on Computer World, Datacraft and McAfee have partnered to launch a software-as-a-service security platform in New Zealand that may soon be a global offering. It has been a year since Datacraft approached McAfee about developing the SaaS platform for the market. Designed to protect enterprises from email and web-based threats in the cloud before they reach the corporate network, the new platform is offered as an extension to one.govt and

“‘This is a pioneering partnership,’ says Datacraft McAfee SaaS director Richard Bowman.
‘The key advantage is that it can be implemented almost immediately, with zero hardware costs and minimal on-going operational requirements. The service is based on the same scalable, globally delivered SaaS architecture that power McAfee SaaS email and web security solutions in North America.’”

Read the Full Story at Computer World

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