SolarWinds Integrates with Cisco Network Management

MSPmentor reported that the upgrades SolarWinds made to Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer and Orion IP SLA Manager will allow these programs to be better integrated with products by Cisco Systems. The updated version of Orion IP SLA Manager will support iCMP Path Jitter and Path Echo services by Cisco. The latest version of Orion NTA not only works better with Cisco offerings, but also offers faster navigation and provides additional reports regarding bandwidth use.

“Orion IP SLA Manager identifies site-specific or WAN-related network performance issues from the perspective of each remote site. The new release supports Cisco’s iCMP Path Echo and iCMP Path Jitter services, taking advantage of the already-installed features in Cisco’s IOS operating system. The integration, therefore, eliminates the need for any agent software or remote appliances to monitor network traffic in remote locations using Cisco hardware and software, SolarWinds claims.”

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