Solera OS 5.0 Improves Network Situational Awareness

A major update to Solera Networks’ award-winning network forensics platform has been announced. The Solera OS 5.0 is currently under beta testing by key enterprise and government customers, reports PR USA, but the company claims it transforms network forensics, addressing the prevailing urgency IT security must apply to eliminating today’s threats quickly and with insight.

“’The new features in Solera OS 5.0 give us an unprecedented view into the network and data, which helps us respond to security events in a fraction of the time required before,’ said Alex Holden, Director of Enterprise Security at Cyopsis, an IT security firm. ‘The application classification features help us to find the types of data we are looking for like email addresses and Google search queries. If insiders are breaking the rules, it’s pretty easy to discover. We have been using the features in beta and we’re impressed with how Solera Networks innovates and advances the industry with this release.’”

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