Some Federal Agencies Are Lagging in IPv6 Mandate

Although federal agencies are required by the Office of Management and Budget to enable the new protocols on public-facing servers and services by the end of 2012, the slow pace at which many agencies are preparing for the IPv4 to IPv6 transition has Peter Tseronis, chairman of the Federal CIO Council’s IPv6 task force, concerned. The long-anticipated upgrade to the way information is sent across the Internet, IPv6 will have more Internet addresses, better security and increased automation. As Tech Insider reports, Tseronis doesn’t feel some agencies understand the importance of laying good groundwork for the move to the next generation of Internet protocols.

“‘They have a clear mandate to meet by 2012,’ Tseronis said during a meeting of the Association for Federal Information Resource Management, GCN reported. ‘The onus is on the agencies, the carriers and the service providers to make it happen.'”

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