SonicWALL Secures the Enterprise with new IPS Intelligent Firewall

SonicWALL has announced its enterprise-class Network Security Appliance (NSA) E8500, a new advanced Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) firewall with Application Intelligence and Control designed for the enterprise. As mentioned in the company’s news release, The NSA E8500 extends the protection of SonicWALL’s network security appliances to include the management and control of data and applications that pass through the network.

“As enterprises attempt to achieve more productivity benefits from their network infrastructure, they have witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of mobile devices allowing employees to work from anywhere, anytime. At the same time, the growth of Web 2.0 applications has provided widely used collaboration tools. Converged communications has emerged as another powerful productivity enabler as voice and video traffic start to co-exist with the more traditional data traffic. These technology trends present a fundamental problem for network administrators – total traffic intelligence. This intelligence is required for performance analysis, discovery and immediate action to provide smooth operations of critical systems, yet this intelligence has become increasingly elusive to capture. As a result, traditional firewalls have grown blind to the application traffic on the network and to the threats that can travel through these applications.

“Intuitive traffic visualization allows the NSA E8500 to display traffic intelligence in an easy-to-understand form that enables fast network assessment. The integration of advanced networking and remote access technologies allows SonicWALL to verify and defend the security of traditional and mobile wireless networks, users and applications — and their endpoint devices — while scanning and disinfecting the data stream across platforms and perimeters.”

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