SOTI Inc. Joins Leading Enterprise Access Network Company

In a press release presented on PR Log, SOTI Inc. announced a partnership with leading enterprise access network company, Aruba Networks, under which SOTI MobiControl will be integrated with Aruba’s AirWave Wireless Management Suite for mobile device management. Designed to simplify network operations by providing direct access to the MobiControl Web Console from the AirWave management console, this integrated solution allows operators to select, query, and manage mobile devices all from the AirWave console, simplifying network operations compared with solutions that require multiple operator consoles.

“‘The implementation of end-to-end operations management services on access networks is critical to improving both application performance and the overall user experience,’ said Peter Cellarius, vice president of business development for Aruba. ‘Our customers want to monitor and manage both network traffic and every client device on their networks to ensure the best possible user experience. The integration of SOTI MobiControl with the AirWave suite constitutes a powerful operations management tool, and brings Aruba a significant competitive advantage in the market.'”

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