Spiceworks Prepares 5.0 Beta

According to MSP Mentor, Spiceworks is preparing to beta test version 5.0 of its advertising-based managed services platform. In this article, co-founder Jay Hallberg, claims that Spiceworks 5.0 will include a full set of automated network configuration management features for network routers, hubs and switches.

“Hallberg says Spiceworks will unveil at least one more MSP-centric surprise within the next two months — with a potential announcement expected at CompTIA Breakaway (Aug. 9-12, San Antonio, Texas). The final Spiceworks 5.0 release is expected to be ready for general availability by September 2010 — or a few weeks before SpiceWorld, the annual Spiceworks User Conference (Oct. 21-22, Austin, Texas). Ironically, N-able Partner Summit is the same week.”

Read the Full Story at MSP Mentor

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