Sprint Launches 4G in New York, California, Oregon and Washington

Sprint has announced the launch of 4G service in Rochester, New York; Syracuse, New York; Merced, California; Visalia, California; Eugene, Oregon; Tri-Cities, Washington; and Yakima, Washington.Accoridng to this report on TMCnet, Sprint 4G allows the customers for mobile downloads, streaming video, and web browsing. This new wireless technology also allows for video chat via HTC EVO 4G, a 3G and 4G wireless smartphone.

“Matt Carter, president of 4G at Sprint, said: ‘We are hearing a lot of positive feedback from our 4G customers who are using HTC EVO and mobile broadband connectivity. People are hungry for faster wireless speeds, 3G and 4G smartphones and unlimited data plans and, Sprint offers all of these. With Sprint 4G, we are entering a new world of wireless possibilities.'”

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