Sprint Partnership Gives Wireless Customers Options

The Village of Ashwaubenon WI is looking to benefit from the newly announced business model by Sprint. According to a press release presented on PR Newswire, customers can now pay for NetMotion Wireless Mobility XE mobile VPN software via their Sprint bills, allowing them to pay a monthly fee for the software rather than a licensing charge on laptops, PDAs and smartphones using Microsoft Windows. With a working population of 50,000. The Village is adding NetMotion Wireless Mobility XE as part of its technology infrastructure that already includes computerized dispatching and records programs, automatic vehicle locator systems, and fire/EMS reporting software.

“’This program provides us with easy access to NetMotion Wireless,’ said Kris VerVaeren, Commander of Operations, Ashwaubenon Public Safety. ‘We are able to add on licenses and immediately realize the productivity benefits of the software.’”

Read the Full Story at PR Newswire

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