Staying on Top of Networking Standards

Power over Ethernet, New methods of routing packets over the Internet, and the ongoing adoption of virtualization has
created a newly modified standards for network administrators to keep up with. As noted in this new networking standards report on, administrators who don’t keep up
with new networking standards and networking technologies will run the risk of compromising their ability to deliver value to organizations.

“Daniel Feldman, director of marketing for Power over Ethernet at Microsemi (, says the original PoE standard (IEEE802.3af-2003) enabled the powering of devices, but only up to 12.95 watts. This limited PoE technology to devices with low power requirements, such as IP phones, WLAN access points, and IP cameras, Feldman says.

“IEEE802.3at increases the maximum power that can be delivered to a device to 51W, using two 25.5W power interfaces placed on a single CAT 5 or better cable. This level of power, Feldman says, allows complete computing devices–such as notebook computers–to be powered over Ethernet. This revision to the standard allows for easier deployment of any device because devices can be located anywhere without the need for a certified electrician to wire a location. According to Feldman, IEEE802.3at can turn PoE into the force that allows for true enterprise-wide power management.”

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