StealthWatch 6.0 Network Behavioral Analysis Upgrade

Lancope has added application awareness and visualization tools to its network behavioral analysis. The StealthWatch 6.0 features granular application awareness, flexible grouping of network assets for reporting and analysis, and relational mapping for network visualization. Network Computing reports that tools like the StealthWatch 6.0 are vital to network management and security because they collect and analyze network flow telemetry yo identify and remediate the cause of anomalous activity.

“’Is it the network or the application? Everyone points fingers when users report ‘slowness’ in something,’ says Joe Yeager, Lancope product manager. ‘It’s always the networks that are blamed, but the networks are only responsible 20 percent of the time.’ Understanding the cause of performance issues saves organizations from throwing bandwidth capacity at what appear to be network issues but may be related to applications or a faulty DNS server.”

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