Sun Deal Complete, Oracle Considers Next Steps

Oracle Chief Ellison says the biggest post-acquisition challenge will be cleaning up Sun’s messy supply chain, not headcount reduction.

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. — Oracle CEO Larry Ellison capped off day-long event here
Thursday at his company’s headquarters to tout his plans for the newly merged Oracle/Sun
and to lay into earlier reports of massive layoffs at Sun Microsystems post-merger.

The event was for industry analysts, press and customers alike to hear the firm’s
strategy now that all of the hoops have been cleared and it has taken ownership of Sun
lock, stock and servers. A report earlier this month
by a UBS analyst suggested Oracle would cut as many as 13,800 of Sun’s 27,000

“I was very upset to see articles that said we would cut half of Sun’s organization.
That’s a highly irresponsible thing to make up and people should be ashamed of
themselves. Those poor Sun employees have been through enough without having to go
through this,” said Ellison.

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