Super Admin Required for Networking, Storage and Server Convergence

HP Canada has a new warning: the need for one super admin to handle the convergence of IT operations will be popping up in more data
centers across the country. According to this IT World report, as enterprise data
centers become less siloed in their operations, an HP Canada executive foresees the emergence of a super administrator position with expertise across the network, storage hardware, and server infrastructure.

“Chris Christianopoulos, business development manager for HP Canada, said traditional IT infrastructure tend to be siloed. ‘Usually you’ll have your server admin, network admins, storage admins and those that deal with the facility side of the equation,’ he said.

“But with a new trend toward convergence of IT operations, these separate administrators could see their position evolve into a supporting role, or in some cases, be eliminated entirely.”

Read the Full Story at IT World Canada

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