Sybase Brings ‘Deep Analytics’ to Mobile Carriers

Sybase said its new Sybase Operator Analytics 365 analytics software is an industry first for mobile operators, because it can provide them with deep analytics on billions of records in seconds. The analytics can, potentially, save operator costs and head off problems quicker by giving earlier insight as to where there might be bottlenecks.

“If you’ve got tens of millions or hundreds of millions of messages every day, a tiny fraction of those not being delivered is a big hit on your customer service reps,” Dan Auker, senior manager for worldwide Marketing and business solutions at Sybase, (NYSE:SY) told

Auker said an analysis for one of its tier two carrier customers showed that if the new service could reduce calls to their call center by 10 percent, the carrier would save $800,000 per year.

“This is a new go-to-market strategy for Sybase, our first hosted analytics solution,” said Auker. “It’s a line extension to a raft of products we have that lets us give carriers a new service to improve their business.”

The service features a point-and-click interface, based on the MicroStrategys 8 business intelligence software, that Sybase said lets users perform complex queries and extract useful, timely information without needing to know how to write SQL queries or involve database administrators.

Auker said carriers have a good handle on their own network traffic, but firewalls prevent them from having much visibility off into other network traffic where messaging typically travels. “And that really matters to the carriers because messaging is becoming a more mature market that’s about quality of service and cost control,” he said.

Sybase Operator Analytics 365 generates a wide range of reports, including message traffic, network utilization, performance indicators, quality of service testing and customer analysis. The system leverages the Sybase 365 global network, which the company said processes more than 1.4 billion messages per day, reaching 850 operators and four billion subscribers around the world.

Sybase bought Mobile 365 in 2006 for approximately $400 million and as a result lays claim to being the number one provider of mobile messaging and content delivery.

The Operator Analytics 365 lets companies monitor key network components they can then provision on their network to better deal with traffic spikes. It also shows performance trends, analyzes system history and tracks error messages.

Auker said Sybase will have more than 100 carriers on the service by the end of the second quarter and hopes to have all 500 of its carrier clients using it by the end of this year.

“As mobile messaging continues to soar, mobile operators will require more insight into their network. Comprehensive analytics will enable operators to strengthen their quality of service through predictive analysis by quickly identifying and resolving network issues to drive higher quality service and better predict messaging trends to improve network planning”, said IDC analyst Dan Vesset, the research company’s vice president of business analytics, in a statement.

David Needle is the West Coast bureau chief at, the news service of, the network for technology professionals.

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