Symantec Offers Free Malware Block DNS Service

Symantec’s Norton DNS is a service that works by using a special name server to block known malware and phishing websites. The company has freely released the beta version of the service to users. This H Security reports also says that the DNS service runs on servers distributed across twelve data
centers worldwide. This should keep access times low and speed up the display of web pages.

“Norton DNS automatically blocks access to domains which Symantec’s anti-malware labs have previously identified as malicious. Symantec feeds the name server with the URLs collected by its Norton SafeWeb service. If a user attempts to visit a nefarious web page, the name server diverts the browser to a warning page. In contrast to phishing filters in most browsers, Norton DNS does not currently offer users the option of visiting the web page anyway. Symantec says that it does, however, intend to place a link on the warning page to allow access, despite the warning, at some point in the future.”

Read the Full Story at The H Security

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