Synapse, Silicon Announce Wireless Mesh Networking Solution

Synapse Wireless and Silicon Laboratories have jointly announced a new wireless mesh networking solution that combines the Synapse SNAP network operating system with Silicon Labs’ Si1000 wireless microcontroller (MCU). According to the news release on Market Wire, the combined software/hardware solution makes it easy to deploy scalable, ultra-low-power, small-footprint wireless mesh networking for a wide range of applications.

“Both the Si1000 wireless MCU and SNAP deliver exceptional performance for power- and cost-sensitive wireless applications within a small hardware and software footprint. The intelligent SNAP network operating system enables nodes to join the mesh network instantly. The software’s over-the-air programming and Python interpreter ensure easy, fast and flexible application development.

“The Synapse RF Engine provides a turnkey hardware/software solution that developers can deploy immediately in their end products. It also offers an easy-to-use development platform for system engineers who want to migrate their wireless designs to high-volume applications using the Si1000 MCU running SNAP as embedded firmware.”

Read the Full Story at Market Wire

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